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Back in February, right after I got my new camera, I received a phone call from our friend Brian.  He asked if I would mind taking pictures at his wedding in September.  Mind?!  I was honored!  It was the first time I’d been asked to shoot a wedding, and although it was a lot of pressure, I was thrilled for the opportunity to be part of their special day in this way.

The wedding was at their farm, with the cornfields and barn serving as perfect backdrops to the relaxed and cozy atmosphere – perfect for a relaxed and cozy couple.  Brian and Angie were such a fun couple; even though the day was grey and drizzly all day, no one’s spirits were down and the party went on until the wee, wee hours.


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Summer Mariano Everngam

Our friends Matt and Michelle recently got together and produced a beautiful little girl.  Her name is Summer Mariano Everngam.  These portraits were taken at their home when Summer was ten days old. She was so easy to take pictures of, I think I’ll be spoiled with little ones after her!

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One of the teachers at my school told me that her daughter was playing her last…literally, last…field hockey game with her team.  The girls are graduating and the school is closing, so the game was really important to them in many ways.

The day couldn’t have been more grey, and the field couldn’t have been more soggy, but the girls played hard and had a great time.

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A friend of my husband’s asked me to shoot some “autumn portraits” of her family.  After a few weeks of back-and-forth, we decided on Tuckahoe Park here in Ridgely.  It’s full of pine trees, nestled next to Tuckahoe Lake.

It was Brittani, her husband Kevin, and her two kids, Gillian and Grayson.  We spent a while roaming around, taking pictures in a few different places and made sure to give the kids plenty of time to “take breaks” in the playground when smiling for the camera became too taxing.

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A few days ago, one of my students asked me if I would take pictures of his band.  He said they wanted to set up their instruments in front of a creepy old abandoned house and have that be the backdrop for the shoot.  I thought that sounded pretty cool, so I agreed.

When the time came for us all to meet, I found out that plans changed.  My mental picture of sepia-toned, moody shots in front of a ramshackle old farmhouse were shot down when Sean produced a chainsaw from his trunk.

“Yeah, uhhhh…plans kind of changed.”  It turns out they decided not to bring all the instruments, but instead to bring baseball bats, a chainsaw, an axe, a crowbar, and other assorted weaponry to this place and stage a destruction of sorts.  Being the flexible photographer I am, I went with it!

Here is a sample of the day’s results!

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