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A few months ago, my husband told me that the Pixies, one of my all-time, absolute favorite bands (who has been broken up forever) was going to be in the area for a reunion show.  They’re celebrating the 20th anniversary of their Doolittle album, which was a huge part of my high school soundtrack.

I desperately wanted to purchase the tickets immediately, but he said not to, that he’d work on it.  The weeks went by and I got more and more stressed because the first show sold out, and the second one was getting there fast.  He still said not to buy them…that he would do his best to get some good seats.  Finally, a couple of weeks before the show, when I was ready to start hunting scalpers, he told me that he and his fabulous friend Mark had finagled some tickets for us.  By this point, I didn’t care if we were outside with our faces pressed against the window.  I just wanted to see the show!

We got to the theater and found our seats, and my boys came through.  They were in the second floor section, close enough to feel our bones vibrate with every one of Frank Black’s amazing punk rock shrieks.  For two hours, they played full-tilt and it was one of the most amazing shows I’ve ever seen.

These pictures almost didn’t happen because there was a “no pro photos” policy.  I explained to the security guard who searched my purse that I am by no means professional (desperation!) and was merely taking pictures of the nearby monuments after the show!  We were told to bring it back to the car, but the parking lot was an easy 10 blocks away and showtime was getting close.  He told me to throw away my batteries, but relented when I told him that the batteries my camera takes are quite expensive.  Finally, finally he let me go in with a warning of “If the promoters see that, they’ll kick you out.”  Good enough for me…I can be sneaky!


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