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Saints vs. Ravens, December 19, 2010

Ravens stadium was an ocean of purple and yellow (which is kind of fun because it looks like a Tigers game), but here and there were spots of black and gold worn by some proud WhoDats.

Tailgating was an exercise in staying warm, which was harder than I thought it would be.  I guess I underestimated the frostiness of the Baltimore concrete.  Thankfully, it was an early game and we were able to go to the stadium and get into the crowds and warm up a bit.  Hot chocolate with a healthy splash of brandy didn’t hurt, either.  (With a high of 34 degrees, any little warmth helps!)

I won’t recap the entire game – that’s what ESPN is for – but I will say that the highlights were Lance Moore’s gorgeous touchdown, being able to sit in the front row on the 50-yard-line on the Saints’ side for a while, and meet some awesome folks from Metairie, Pontchatoula, and Mid City.

Even though they didn’t win this one, they played hard and came back for some nice moves in the second half.  Considering the cold, being away from home, and playing a team that’s having a really good season, I think we can still safely say “Bless you, Boys!”


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